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Designed for Luxurious Living

Going beyond a simple residence, Villa 278 in Sunny Isles Beach offers an unmatched and luxurious living encounter. Every aspect has been painstakingly designed, radiating accuracy, enthusiasm, and elegance. The interior resonates with an Italian essence, infusing opulence into every intricate detail.


278 Villa

Designed by a renowned luxury architect with a slew of prestigious architectural awards to their name, every corner of this home showcases meticulous craftsmanship, passion, and finesse. The interior decorations, including captivating art pieces embellishing the walls, were personally curated by the outstanding celebrity Adina Brunetti, adding a touch of glamour to the already luxurious atmosphere.

Privacy is paramount within this exclusive condominium, offering a seamless blend of allure and invigoration akin to a luxury destination. Envision a life where the ultimate indulgence awaits you every time you return home.

A beautiful rooftop patio offers breathtaking vistas of both the pristine beach and the iconic Sunny Isles Beach skyline and the tranquil expanse of the intercoastal waters. This enchanting setting is an oasis of serenity, ideal for moments of introspection during sunrise meditations, while also doubling as the ultimate venue for unforgettable sunset cocktail parties.

Nestled on the second floor of the opulent villa, the expansive and captivating patio unveils a scene of unrivaled beauty. Extending generously, this opulent outdoor retreat is a marvel of design and serenity. Adorned with tasteful furnishings that exude both comfort and elegance, the patio offers an abundance of space for relaxation and entertainment.

The villa boasts a distinct charm, adorned with the elegant Italian interior touch of the Adina Brunetti Collection. This infusion of sophistication lends a timeless allure to every corner of the abode. As you step inside, the luxurious ambiance is further accentuated by the pristine white porcelain tiles that grace both the first and second floors. Hailing from Spain, these tiles create a seamless, luminous expanse that complements the villa's refined aesthetic.

Adding to the allure, the interior staircase stands as a masterpiece in itself, crafted from exquisite White Quartz Cesar Stone. Its immaculate design serves as a focal point, marrying functionality with artistry in perfect harmony.

Experience the seamless elegance of a custom-made spiral staircase that begins its graceful ascent from the ground floor pool area, intertwining artistry and functionality as it winds its way through the second-floor patio accessible from the bedrooms, and culminating in an awe-inspiring finale at the rooftop patio; each step unveils a captivating panorama, inviting you to traverse between indoor and outdoor realms while being enchanted by the ever-unfolding vistas of nature and architecture.

Step into a world where cutting-edge innovation seamlessly intertwines with everyday tasks, making life not only simpler but also more efficient. Every corner of this meticulously designed abode boasts the latest in smart technologies, redefining the way we interact with our living spaces.

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